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2 drawer filing cabinet

April 3rd, 2012

I have a 2 drawer filing cabinet. I have certainly owned it for about 15 years and, very honestly, I have never ever thought a great deal regarding it. A national provider had an office right alongside mine, and they moved to a new, larger area and bought new elegant maple desks, chairs and filing cabinets, and offered all the old stuff. I paid the grand amount of 5 bucks (no added tax,) and proudly put my “new” 2 drawer filing cabinet in the back of my station wagon and off we went.

It replaced a bunch of boxes, bags and easily found flat surfaces for assorted papers, papers, advertisements and such. which for some reason understood just to God, I thought I really should keep. Even if they were kept in boxes, bags, and on handy flat surfaces (like on dressers, sink boards, other boxes, and wherever.) I even decorated it, a sort of an nondescript white. It had certainly been that institutional green. I am not sure it looked any better, yet an interior decorator I’m not. However an economic genius, I am. Fifteen years for $ 5.

So, now you know one of the substantial secrets of my life. I told all my friends that I had a sound, metal, 2 drawer filing cabinet and lied concerning the fee I purchased it. They, being no smarter than I am (I stated they were my friends,) thought whatever fantastic amount I alleged to have paid. Literally, a really good, metal 2 drawer filing cabinet purchased at an office furnishings outlet is pricey. I should have certainly truly bragged about how little I paid instead of exactly how much I hadn’t. Just one more stupid blunder, in a long and popular list of such.

If I were campaigning some office or additional I would call it a misstatement and blame it on my personnel. However actually, I merely blew it. And though they say confession benefits the soul, I do not feel virtually any purer because I admitted the rate. But now, lets talk about the good things my 2 drawer filing cabinet has certainly done.

Initially, it has given my garage a little class. I do not recognize anybody who has a nondescript white 2 drawer filing cabinet in their garage, which offers the impression that I should have some rather essential stuff that I am keeping. If any of my friends do have that volume of preserved paper, they can be seen on the Nine O’Clock News when the firemen can’t get into their home to put out the predictable fire since they are hoarders. Secondly, believe it or not, I actually do keep some storable stuff in the cabinet and can actually discover it when I need it, when I remember that I put it there.

Thirdly, and primary, I have certainly gotten a brand-new assurance that old sayings have some fact, ie: what goes around comes around. The 2 drawer file cabinet has enough additional area for a box or two, and a bag, and most of all an ideally located flat surface for stacks of paper.

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